Crossbred Superweed, 2023 by Fred Tomaselli

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Crossbred Superweed, 2023
Silkscreen print, 17 13/16” x 11 11/16”
Edition of forty-five plus ten artist’s proofs
Published on the occasion of Triple Canopy’s 2023 benefit
Courtesy of the artist and James Cohan Gallery
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Triple Canopy is pleased to announce Crossbred Superweed, an original print created by Fred Tomaselli on occasion of our 2023 benefit, honoring Andrea Fraser. All proceeds from the sale of Crossbred Superweed will benefit Triple Canopy’s programs for artists and writers.

Since the 1990s, Tomaselli has been known for meticulously crafted paintings, works on paper, and prints that integrate a variety of components, such as organic matter from his garden, collaged elements from printed sources, and hand-painted embellishments. Mesmerizing, richly detailed patterns explode dynamically across the compositions, creating tension with the stasis of the medium. Rooted in a consideration of escapism, unreality, and altered perception, Tomaselli’s maximalist works are oversaturated with conceptual and formal information that generates expansive layers of meaning.

For the Triple Canopy edition, Tomaselli gathered leaves from his garden—including oak, hemp, sage, datura, rose, grape, and chrysanthemum—to create a chimeric floral base layer. Silk screens of filigreed vines and tissues connect the leaves, resulting in a “Frankenstein” plant that bursts into bloom—a portrait of hybridity, and of nature gone berserk.

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