Series of seven works, 2016 by Danh Vō

A series of seven works created for the occasion of Triple Canopy’s 2016 benefit, pictured below.
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Photographs by Daniel Terna.

Triple Canopy is pleased to announce a new series of works created by Danh Vō on the occasion of the magazine’s 2016 benefit, which honors the artist, writer, and curator Julie Ault.

For this series, Vō and Ault devised a series of psychic messages for seven individuals. Vō and Ault solicited the help of Elaine Ault, Julie’s mother, who is a psychic medium—a person who tunes in to spiritual energy to channel timely information and messages. Elaine relayed a series of symbolic phrases, such as “Figure Eight Infinity” or “Seven Gold Butterflies,” for each of the seven subjects, whose identities remain concealed. Phung Vō, Danh’s father and frequent collaborator, then rendered these texts by hand in a calligraphic blackletter script. As in many of Vō’s past works, the materialization of clairvoyant messages in this series speaks to the ways in which meaning (whether or not decipherable) is embedded in everyday objects, and the ways in which they constitute or represent us, even as they are displaced, fragmented, appropriated, and passed from hand to hand.

Danh Vō’s lauded series of sculptures We the people consists of full-scale facsimiles of New York’s Statue of Liberty; it was initiated in 2010 and continues to be exhibited around the world. Vō’s work has recently been presented at Museo Jumex, Mexico City; Nottingham Contemporary, UK; and The Kitchen, New York (all 2014). Vō was the recipient of the Guggenheim’s Hugo Boss Prize in 2012. He is represented by Marian Goodman Gallery in New York and London, where “Homosapiens” was on view in 2015.

Special thanks to Marian Goodman Gallery for its generous support.

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